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Hordes of the Things () A fantasy miniatures game that is based on the same system as De Bellis Antiquitatis and De Bellis Multitudinis. Troop types range from powerful Heroes, Magicians, and Dragons, through such things as Blades, Riders, and Spears and down to the humble.

You think wrong. Part of the strength of the rules is that subject only to the total point limit and the 50% cap on elements costing more than two.

Hordes of the Things (HOTT) is a fantasy miniature wargame, published by Wargames 'Hordes of the Things' is a set of fast play miniatures rules for fantasy battles. It is designed to be generic and is not, therefore, tied to any particular fantasy. I have been playing Hordes of the Things since the rules were first released in They are a set of fantasy wargames rules produced by the Wargames.

"HC "HORDES OF THE THINGS" SIMPLE FAST PLAY FA PLAY FANTASY WARGAME AND CAMPAIGN RULES WITH ARMY LISTS INTRODUCTION These. Note that some of these things may actually be house rules - apologies to the Web at large for foisting them off on you as legitimate. I no longer remember which. Now I have not been playing wargames for as long as some others I know, but I have to say that the rules for Hordes of the Things are fun, yet challenging. Hordes Of The Things Version is the ultimate fast-play heroic fantasy but based on classical fantasy fiction rather than strict history, the rules have been.

And then there's my love for Hordes of the Things (HOTT). Based on the very popular DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) rules by Wargames Research. I just downloaded the rules for Hordes of the Things and was wondering what other people thought of it. I quite like it though some of the.


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